Speakify Being Retired !

We appreciate all the people that helped this platform to be made.

For more information please contact info@speakify.org


Speakify reduces the language learning time and make immigrants ready to communicate and find a job.


Private organizations can teach their professional language to people with foreign background with Speakify.


Exchange and PhD students and love Speakify! They can start to understand about 60% of daily conversations just in 5 weeks!

Help us grow

We need help with competence, network, and financing. Contact us if you want to help the immigrants to become integrated.

Speakify's crowdfunding

I like speakify's idea and I want to help....

If you like the idea and you want to learn more please go to our camping page at https://igg.me/at/speakify and read more about our crowd founding camping . Crowd founding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. speakify. All you need to do is to BACK the project. This means you pay a small amount as little as 5$ (45 SEK) to show you support for the project. In the camping page you can chose different amounts if you want to help more. For reach 5$ we give a month of license of Speakify to a refugee. This way your money both helps a refugee to learn Swedish and become a part of society and also it helps Speakify to go one step farther in development of the new optimized way of language learning.

Speakify's crowd founding

Speakify got retired

Now Speakify is resting!

Count down !

Almost done! We have to review the exercise and add multilingual functionality as we have in Speakify 1.0

This is the title of the news

Design is complete! Now we are starting the programming. Lots a new futures to come …

Speakify 2.0!

After more than 20 workshops with our users and SFI teachers in different cities we are now starting to design Speakify 2.0. A gigantic step to a better language learning experience